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The Del Mar Bar, Custom is no problem



Create Your Own Custom Del Mar bar. Hand crafted in the United States. Darafeev Furniture can be counted on to create bars you will keep over the years and generations. Now you can own your own custom Del Mar Bar. Just call our friendly experts and we will go over all the options and start the building process of your very own custom bar.



** Shipping to All States within the Continental US**

See additional custom option below


Go Custom all the way and have this piece matched to your unique home decor.


See Our Selections of Bars Here

darafeev bar

Darfeeve Leather Selection One

Darafeev custom texas holdem poker table
colony granite colony express colony palmino
metropolitian black metropolitian chocolate metropolitian hunter
metropolitian mushroom metrpolitian sandstone metropolitian strawberry

Darfeeve Leather Selection Two

Guanoco Black Guanaco Caramel
guanaco dark brown Guanaco Sangria Leather guanaco west
Outland Dark Brown Leather Outland Ranch Leather Vintage-Dark-Brown-Leather
Vintage Light Brown Leather Vintage Red Leather Vintage Tan Leather



Del Mar Custom Bar From Darafeev

Custom Features Lets You Make A Perfect Matcht To Your Home Decor


Darafeev Del Mar Features & Benefits

  • Create the bar of your dreams
  • Your Choice of Stain Finishes (See Chart Below)
  • You'll Find A full Pallet of Wood finishes Below
  • Leather Seat Choices With Accompanying Chairs
  • Two Leather Selections Below
  • 100 Fabric Selections
  • A full list of fabrics selections can be found lower on the page.
  • Accompanying Bar Stools with hundreds of fabric selections can be found here.
  • Wood Choices
  • Oak
  • Cherry
  • Maple


Call our expert staff to find out about all the custom options available to match the Del Mar to your home.


Over 100 Plus Fabrics are up Next. Click any fabric to go to the fabric page.



View Our Nail Selection Here. 5 styles in three metals. Click any nail to see the line up.

copperpyramid nailnail


Wood Stain Selection

antique cherry antique plum black graphite
cinnabar cherry Cinnamon Cherry Distressed cinnamon cherry
Cocobola Maple Finish Deercreek Cherry Finish Honey Oak Distressed Finish
Honey Oak Finish Mission Cherry Oak Finish Mocha Maple Finish
Old English Maple Finish Provincial Mahogany Maple Finish
San Simeon Maple Finish Seasoned Cherry Finish Sorrel Maple Finish
Timberlake Cherry Finish Tobacco Maple Distressed Finish Tobacco Oak Distressed Finish
Traditional Cherry Finish Traditional Mahogany Finish Tudor Oak Finish