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Smart Table Tournament Pool Table

League or Pool Hall The Smart Table is Ametuers and Pros First Choice to play


The Smart Table accepts Coins. Timer can be set to play up to 30 minutes at a time. The Smart Table is the Smart Table Tournament Pool Table an additional pay option.


pro am smart table


The Smart Table pool table is the tournament pros choice. Our nine foot table is our most popular pool table on the tour today.

Our tables were designed with players and engineers working together to create the best playing tournament table available today.


Diamond Stain Choices

Cherry Brown
Cherry Cherry
Cherry Clear
maple black
Maple Brown
maple cherry
Maple Black
Maple Brown
Maple Cherry
maple clear coat
maple golden
maple standard
Maple Clear Coat
Maple Clear
Maple Standard
oak black
oak brown charry
oak cherry
Black Lacquer Oak
Oak Brown Cherry
Oak Cherry
ok clear coat
golden oak
standard Oak
Oak Clear
Golden Oak
Standard Oak
mahagony Sapelle
sapelle Mahagony

Mahogany Sapelle

Sapelle Mahogany Standard Sapelle Mahogany





"The Smart Table" Pool Table by Diamond Billiards


Features and Benefits of the Diamond Billiards Smart Table Pool Table


  • Diamond's Highest Grade of Tournament Tables
  • Single Piece 30mm Thick Brazilian Slate.
  • The Smart Table is delivered fully assembled and is intended for ground level installation.
  • The Smart table features a patented optical density sensor. Built into the table to measure ball returns, the sensor allows the use of Pro Grade Cyclop Billiard Balls with the Pro Grade Cyclop Cue Ball. You can leave behind oversized mangentized cue balls and play the way the pros do, now on a coin-operated table.
  • 3 Piece Slate is available for upstairs installations
  • 22 leveling points
  • Diamonds Billiards own No Lift Leveling System
  • Trued to perfection our slate is is machined on both sides, top and bottom.
  • 7" Top Rail construction. Constructed to prevent warping this table is engineered to last tens of thousands of hours of tournament play.
  • Solid construction means quiet play and low noise on ball drop.
  • Our engineered return construction means fast cue ball return.
  • The Top Rail is further bullet proofed with a 5/8" application of Dynawood. Glued to the top and side of the rail system.
  • Dynawood is Burn and dent resistant.
  • 5" Thick Beams of Timber Strand board. Engineered to to support massive weight and maintain its integrity and shape.
  • Table Sizes
  • 9' Dimensions: 114" x 64" x 32" Weight: 1200lbs
  • 8' Dimensions: 104" x 59" x 32" Weight: 1000lbs
  • 7' Dimensions: 94" x 54" x 32" Weight: 800lbs
  • Simonis 860 Cloth Choices
  • Combined worsted wool
  • Nap free will not pill puff or shed
  • Choose from the one of the Best Names in Pool Table cloth
  • Top Rail Construction
  • Made from Genuine Oak, Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Rose wood and Dymondwood
  • charcoal golden oak rosewood walnut Dynawood Color Choices
  • Each Top Rail is locked to the slate by four 3/8" bolts.
  • Diamond Inlaid Sights
  • K-55 Cushions
  • Our rails are tour specified and engineered for quick response and consistent speed.
  • Our New Bi Level Pocket are Patent Pending and means our pockets are flush to the rail. Flush pockets means no stick restriction and unencumbered shooting out of the pocket is the pro's choice.
  • Large Leather Baskets hold 9 balls and won't scuff your balls
  • Our pockets are engineered to quickly drop balls.
  • Side Skirts are finely finished and solid hardwood construction.
  • skirts are raked inward to allow extra leg room.
  • Pedestal is securely fastened to base. This allows the entire table to work as one and stay true after leveling.


whya  diamoand pro am table

Call our expert staff to find out about all the options to create your Smart Table Pool Table.




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