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Poker Tables

We offer one of the largest selection of poker tables in the Southwest and in the country. At Diamondback Billiards you have the choice of poker tables from a wide range of styles and game types. Our customer service reps can help you create the poker table you have always wanted. It's all done with our simple custom process. Made all the simpler by our expert poker table builders. Please, call on us with any questions. We here to to help and answer all of your questions.

Selection Is Our Middle Name

Below you will find a large selection of poker tables in multiple versions. You are not seeing double just a glance at what can be done. Almost all of these tables can be customized. These tables are 100% made in the USA, plus we stand behind our work and our tables. Where else can you find such a wide variety of poker tables. Added to that fact is our great customer service and know how. We can create the perfect table just for you.

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Combination Poker & Texas Hold em Tables


Diamondback Billiards delivers again with this great selection of combination solid wood poker tables. Each table is handcrafted in the USA. You're not just buying American quality you are helping to keep American manufacturing jobs alive.

So very versatile, You can use these table in any part of your home. Our extensive customizing process allows you to create the perfect fit for you home decor and the right entertainment venue for you poker games.

DC Aluminum Pyramid Poker Table

aluminum pyramid poker table

We Offer Hundreds of Choices to Customize this tables and other like it.

Texas Hold em Tables

Combination poker table

Algonquin Combination Poker Table

Combination Poker Table Algonquin

The Darfeev Combination Poker table functions as a dining table and with the removal of the top a finely crafted poker table is revealed. The entire table is custom crafted in the USA and has hundreds of options to choose from.



Pyramid DC Poker Table

DC poker Table - pharaoh manufacturing


High End Custom Poker Table "The Augustus"


The Augustus Elite Poker Table

augustus poker table



deatils.leg detail

details 2.foot detail


A Room With A View Custom Pharaoh Texas Hold em Pool Table

texas holdem custom table

The "Falcon" Poker Table Customized with Denver Broncos Logo Cloth and arm padding selected to match

Falcons custom poker table

Luxor V Base Texas Hold em Table

CE 15 Texas Holdem Table

Treviso Custom Dining Table and Poker Table

treviso dining and poker table


Classic Texas Hold em Table

classic texas holdem table

Custom Options Available

hogan poker table

High End Custom Poker Tables



barcelona table..barcelona

Barcelona Poker Table

Custom Elite Poker Table Series From Darafeev

barcelona hig end poker table

Custom Pyramid Poker Table

pyramid custom pool table

Shown with Available Matching Chair


Wood Veneer DC Series Pyramid Table

Wood Venner Texas Holdem Table

The Calais Dining Table Fine Dining or High Stakes Poker


dining poker table..calais poker table

cailis..poker table

Falcon Texas Hold em Poker Table

falcon texas holdem poker table


H Type

H Type Texas Holdem Poker Table


Luxor Poker Table

luxor poker table

Blue DC Pyramid Poker Table Stainless Base

dc series texas holdem table



DC Series with Custom Logo Cloth & Matching Chair

DC Series with matching chair

PTP Poker Table Ver 2

pt poker table

The PTP Poker table is another option rich Poker Table.


CPT 4684 Gal1


pro ver 1

cptprogal 2

Quattro Pub and Poker Table

quattro pub and poker table

Galileo Pub and Poker Table

galileo pub and poler table