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Pool Table Recushion - Recover


Is your table not playing as well as it once did? Balls don’t seem to bounce off those banks quite as consistently as they used to. Not to worry, it is a fairly quick fix! We can remove your dead cushions, and apply new ones, along with brand new cloth. Your table will play like new! We offer standard K66 cushions, or Accu-Fast lifetime cushions. Ask your sales associate to tell you about the advantages of Accu-Fast cushions. Just call! 480-792-1115


Re Cushion Your Pool Table with the best in the business! Accu-Fast 100% Gum Rubber K-66 Rail Bumpers



Accu Fast


Olhausen's Eclusive Accu-Fast carry a lifetime warranty the best playing cushion on the playing field today.


Accu Fast Gum Rubber


Our Trained Technicians Will Expertly Recover Your Cushions

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